About Fangyi Liu

Fangyi Liu  劉 芳一

1986生於高雄, 台灣



也擔任鬆散的高雄聲音聆聽推廣單位“耳蝸”營運者,不定時舉辦讓各路聲音藝術家樂手交流的演出及推廣多元聆聽的活動。曾參與舞蹈、劇場等跨界表演的聲音演出,亦與來自日本、法國、奧地利、中國、荷蘭、英國等地的聲音藝術家合作演出,配樂作品有吳俞萱的《徬徨於無地》(劇場)與吳梓安的《伊人》(實驗短片)。2016年5月同多位台灣音樂家於倫敦著名的前衛音樂場地CafeOTO演出,並隨後完成六場於倫敦柏林的個人巡演。10月參與配樂舞劇“Connect project + Sun ∞ Moon日 ∞ 月”於斯德哥爾摩藝穗節演出,獲得「 Most Provocative Award」獎項。

(photo by Puzzleman Leung)

Fang-yi Liu was born in Taiwan in 1986. He is concentrated in free style musical/ tonal improvisation. Also he re-mixes and edits sound recorded in the fields as demonstration works.

He mentioned two major points. First is about the human voice. The pronounce action from different races and cultures contained not only languages, but also the sound of out of languages, before languages, distortion and lapsing of languages, etc. Even the unestablished pronouncing still can bring the signal or context to the receivers. Second is about the environment sound or sound field. People are surrounded with sounds induced by every vital or mortal things. The problem of sensing or recognition environmental sound are his major projects. He tries to use any kind of materials or methods to approach these two topics.

He also created a Facebook group called Cochlea and try to introduce the musician from different fields to the new audiences. He hold several performances to promote new audio experience.

(English translation|Somanana Rain)



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